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Maldon Pepper Grinder 50g

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Season your dishes to perfection with the finest quality pepper using this Maldon black peppercorn grinder. Featuring a customizable, adjustable grinder, this pepper boasts a spicy, woody flavor. With the option for a coarse or fine grind, this product is made to fit everyone's needs! This unrefined pepper is easy to use, simply flip it upside down and twist the mill top for delicious, fresh-cracked pepper at your fingertips!

Without any artificial additives and fillers, this pepper makes it perfect to use as a finishing ingredient on a variety of signature dishes. Toss it on top of trendy avocado sourdough toast for a spicy complement to the buttery, rich flavors in the dish. Use it in pasta dishes or put a few cranks to top off a hearty filet to highlight its savory flavors. Use this convenient option to create mouthwatering chicken dishes with this fresh-tasting black pepper. While this product is great to use for back-of-house cooking applications, these mills are perfect to include on tables to provide guests with an easy way to season their food to their standards.