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Leksands Round Crispbread

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Leksands Rye Crispbread Rounds are delicious round crispbreads made with whole grain rye flour. Round Crispbread was one of Leksands' first crispbreads baked since the 1930s and re-launched in 1990. These Swedish crispbread rounds have a distinct checkered pattern given using a unique rolling pin on the rye dough. Crispbread rounds are particularly crispy and tender thanks to their air-filled bread rise. This extremely versatile bread can be a part of every meal. Leksands rye crispbread rounds come in a 14-ounce pack filled with whole-grain rye and 16% fiber. 

These perfectly crunchy thin crisps of rye crispbread rounds make for a perfect complement to any breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner. Top these crispbreads with cream cheese and smoked salmon for lunch, crush it over a bowl of yogurt with some berries and granola for a tasty breakfast, or use them to make crispbread pizza for dinner!

Leksands is Sweden's second-largest bakery that continues to provide pastries made with natural ingredients. Leksands journey began in Sweden in the 1920s when its founders became the village bakers and started feeding the entire village with delicious crispbreads with traditional family recipes.

  • Ingredients: Whole rye flour, yeast, water, salt
  • Product Weight: 14 oz (400g)
  • Product of Sweden