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Jesmona Black Bullet Tin

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A childhood classic from England, Jesmona specialise in classic confectionery that tastes as good now as it did back then. Our Black Bullets are a very traditional mint flavoured sweet, whose origins are lost in the mists of time. Black Bullets themselves are a fairly typical sweet from the North East of England where the word "Bullet" is a dialectic term for any boiled sweet. One myth surrounding Black Bullets is that they derive their distinctive shape and size from having been made in the moulds for musket balls. In many respects, Jesmona Black Bullets is a product before its time. Long before the current desire for natural products, Jesmona Black Bullets were made purely from sugar, glucose and peppermint oil with no artificial colourings or flavourings at all. Made in the United Kingdom all of our confectionary is of the highest quality. It is believed that the Jesmona brand is named after the Jesmond area of Newcastle, the part of the world where the sweets were originally manufactured. The Jesmona name was acquired by Maxons Ltd in the 1960s and production moved to their Sheffield factory. With over 125 years experience in confectionery making, we have come to produce a selected range of traditional sweets to high quality standards. Maxons are a 5th generation family firm making it a truly family run business.
  • Jesmona Black Bullets 250g/8.8oz
  • A traditional mint ball from the North East of England
  • No Artificial Colours of Flavours