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Huile d'Olive (Olive Oil) Bar Soap 125g

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This special ‘surgras’ soap is a remarkable creation by our artisan soap making masters. A ‘surgras’ soap is one that has been made using the cold saponification method. This means the olive oil in this fantastic artisan soap has been added cold so that it retains all of its wonderful beneficial properties – how clever is that! What’s more, this delicately perfumed soap is also enriched with organic shea butter to moisturise and nourish skin – and is ideal for daily use. 95% natural ingredients, biodegradable and not tested on animals, the soap arrives with no plastic packaging. Retail box available separately. Key points • ‘Surgras’ soap • 95% natural ingredients • Ideal for daily use • Moisturising & nourishing • Biodegradable. No animal testing. No plastic. Vegetable oils sourced responsibly (RSPO).