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Homestedt British Wool Nordic Sweater - Navy

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Size: Extra Small



This has been our favorite sweater for the past ten years, so we tracked down the family run mill in England that makes them and commissioned a run.

100% British Wool from Lancashire

Made in England for Homestedt

Unisex sizing

We've had ours for 10 years, and this is how we did it:

  1. They can be machine washed, just use a setting for wool wash, delicates or hand wash and do not exceed 30°.
  2. Hand washing is preferred, just use warm water and a mild detergent.
  3. To keep the wool at its best mix a few drops of baby oil in with the water.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and lay out flat for drying.


Note due to the nature of the weave in the wool, they have a good amount of stretch/give in them. If in doubt though, size up. They lend themselves well to a baggier fit.

Extra Small | Chest: 36" Length: 24" Sleeve: 20" Waist: 29"

Small | Chest: 39" Length: 25" Sleeve: 20" Waist: 31"

Medium | Chest: 42" Length: 26" Sleeve: 21" Waist: 33"

Large | Chest: 45" Length: 27" Sleeve: 22" Waist: 34"

Extra Large | Chest: 48" Length: 28" Sleeve: 22" Waist: 38"