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Necessary Coffee - Dark Roast

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A special coffee from Lancaster PA that bridges the gap - making good quality coffee that is not only approachable for everyday enjoyment, but made with sustainable sourcing and skillful roasting delivering everyday flavor.

Notes of bittersweet cocoa and molasses.

Necessary's inaugural Dark Roast offering is from Brazil, purchased from producers in the region of Espíritu Santo. Our specific lot from the 2021 harvest is a regional community blend, composed of coffee bought from multiple small family farms - most of which are located in close proximity to Santa Maria de Jetibá.

Espíritu Santo is a fascinating outlier within the coffee producing regions of Brazil. In contrast to many better known Brazilian coffee regions, Espíritu Santo is quite hilly - making it impossible to implement the large scale mechanized production that is common elsewhere. This is a region of small family farms rather than sprawling coffee estates.  Additionally, the region is quite close to the ocean which means that the climate is cooler, windier, and wetter. The humidity of the climate means natural processing is much more difficult to execute consistently, so fully washed coffees - usually a rarity in Brazil - are very common in this region.

325g per bag