The Homestedt Design team has spent the last few years working on designing and building a range of homes specifically for our region. A range of thoughtfully designed country homes. Built to last..

Building a house is not an easy undertaking. Neither is buying a house on the current market. When buying a Homestedt House all of the hard work is taken away from the homeowner, whether you already own a piece of land or you want to move to one of ours.

We offer a full service which starts with a raw piece of land and ends up as a fully furnished home that is ready to move into. The building process is up to 10 months from breaking ground. Designed for effortless mountain living. Built using modern techniques that improve efficiency and reduce waste. Filled with light and character. 


Over the coming years we will launch multiple models of houses to suit a range of needs and desires. We currently offer one house model, our Homestedt Chalet, which can be built with two different sets of finishes. See below for examples of each.


Send us an email to and we’d love to tell you more